How about some freebies? You'll find a selection of original texture tiles to use as pattern fills, or bump or environment maps, in either 100x100 or 250x250 pixel size, in both .JPG and .PSD format.  Many are gray-scale.

These are all free for your private non-commercial use.  No linkback is necessary, but they may not be included in any other collection without my written permission.

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NEW! Splat! frames and mats!

Alienskin's new Splat! filter has lots of features, but one of the best is it's Frame plugin, which allows you to add your own frame and mats. I've converted Joe Cilinceon's wonderful Frames for the PSP Frame tool, to Splat! format (Groups 1-4), and added some mats of my own.  Help yourself!  (If you'd like the original PSP frames that Joe made, you can download them at Nightingail's site.)

To learn how to frame an image with multiple mats and frames in Splat!, please see my Splat! tutorial.

Group 1    Group 2     Group 3     Group 4    Group 5    Group 6  Group 7  Group 8

New!  FotoCrop utility for Paint Shop Pro - mirror site for download!

 FotoCrop is a Paint Shop Pro adjunct that uses the capabilities of PSP to permit you to crop images to standard photo dimensions... it also sets the print resolution in PSP for the cropped image so that the image is ready to print after cropping."
Mark Guzewski, FotoCrop's author
(see the original FotoCrop announcement, made in here)

    This little application works hand-in-hand with PSP 6 & 7, cropping images to the most popular print dimensions (4x6, 5x7, 8x10, etc, in both portrait and landscape orientation), and even sets the cropped image's print resolution, so that it will print at the desired dimensions, quickly and easily. No more need to calculate crop aspect ratios or save specific selections that require fussy resizing per image.

Download it here free! [2 Meg Zip file]





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